Get the Vintage Rug look: Baby nursery edition

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Get the look: Vintage Turkish rug in our Baby Nursery

A new trend has emerged in the rug industry, Vintage Rugs! Distressed Vintage or over-dyed vintage rugs have become so popular – not only do they give a new life to an aged carpet, but they add a vibrant splash of color to our homes. This is why we wanted to jump on that wagon and elevate the look of our home with a new-Vintage Rug.

During our quest for a vintage heirloom, we found this beautiful 1950’s Turkish Rug from Wilder Way Threads, and was immediately stopped in our tracks! The pink, neutral hues of this rug was the perfect addition to our baby nursery! When adding vintage pieces, we must look for functionality, history and character. These pieces can easily elevate the look of your interiors so it is important that we seek after how they will compliment our spaces.

“Wilder Way Threads”

I am happy to introduce you to Wilder Way Threads. Husband and Wife duo from Birmingham, Alabama. Morgan and Jeffrey, run an online Textile shop that sells beautiful vintage handmade rugs and pillows.

They have been married for 3 years and met working at an adoption agency. They have always knew that adoption would be a part of their story so they decided to officially start the process of adopting a baby from India, back in February of 2020. Shortly after getting to know Wilder Way Threads story, we knew we had to showcase one of their gems in our home.

Supporting a small shop

As you may know, adoption is a very tedious, expensive and long process. Running this shop is how they hope to find “a way in the wilderness” and finally make their dream come true. How amazing is this? I know! I thought so, too.

100% of the current proceeds are benefiting Wilder Way Threads adoption process.

Baby Nursery

I am so happy to be contributing to their dream! Reason why I wanted to dedicate this post to their little shop. Hopefully, you feel inspired to support their business in any way you can.

What to look for in your Vintage Rug

I did a little research before buying our first Vintage Turkish Rug. These are some of the things I checked while looking for mine.

First of all, look on the back of your rug for white, red or blue horizontal (to the fringe) lines of foundation threads. Then, look for unevenness in the colored knots of the back of the rug. Lastly, look at the design carefully. Very rarely will the design be exactly the same size and shape from one end to opposite end of the rug.

Handmade rugs are almost always woven with wool pile. Machine made rugs are often made with a type of nylon or polyester pile, and are generally very uniform in their weave. 

This Vintage Rug belongs to the Baby nursery

Shortly after I received my 1950’s Vintage Rug, the “RACHEL”, I fell in love with it. I was super excited to style it in my kitchen and start photographing. But then something hit me. I saw my Daughter walking right next to it! I said to myself: “This rug has a purpose and I must showcase that purpose!” Guess what happened next? I ran upstairs and laid that beautiful rug on Valentina’s nursery and magic happened.

There I was taking beautiful pictures of this miracle of life with a Vintage Rug. The very vintage rug that will make this beautiful couple, future parents the non-conventional way. All I was thinking was, this is their dream, materialized.

I hope that one day they will see tiny little baby feet walking on these vintage rugs just like I am. And when this happens, their business and shop will take another meaning.

With each purchase we made, they get closer and closer to make their dream come true. I am truly honored to be contributing with them to find “a way in the wilderness”

Get the Look

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How to show support

To support Morgan and Jeffrey @wilderwaythreads, head to their website or instagram. Feel free to browse their beautiful Vintage collection of handmade Vintage Rugs and Pillow cases.

Remember, with each purchase you are helping them to get closer to their dream. Furthermore, you are helping a baby get placed in the care of a loving family. Isn’t this the happy ending we look forward to in the movies?

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If you do have the time, go give them words of encouragement and support. Even better, if you have been thinking in getting a vintage rug you could show support by shopping from them.

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Thank you for supporting small business, I hope you enjoyed this article.

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