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November is here and I am already planning on Christmas decor. I know for some it might be too soon as they would normally wait until after Thanksgiving, but looking at current shipping timelines, I would order in advance rather than last minute. Trust me when I say this, things are selling out faster than normal.

This is why I wanted to create a one stop shop for you all. Take a look at all the goods I have found. Some have been for my personal use, some others for clients but equally beautiful and I know you will love them, too!

Feel free to keep coming back to this list as I will be adding things more Christmas decor daily or you can always check my page here.

Happy Shopping!

Christmas decor and more: Amazon Finds

Christmas Tree from King of Christmas


Potted Christmas trees and Christmas decor

Christmas Tree Collars

Christmas Villages

Festive Christmas garlands for Kids


Pink Decor

Gift wrapping essentials


Christmas Prints

Thank you for stopping by, to see how I decorate my King of Christmas tree last year click here!

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Paola Medina

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