About me

Paola Pappas, creator of Mywellihousedecor

Hello new friend, super excited you are checking our website for home inspiration and more. Since you made it all the way here, let me take this opportunity to formally introduce myself. My name is Paola, the face behind Mywellihousedecor. I am a blogger, stay at home Mom of three and an Online E-designer.

This project was created right after we bought our home in Wellington back in 2016. While I didn’t think too much of it going in, I knew it could potentially grow into something bigger. This blog, however, was created right before my daughter was born. On here and social media, I share tips on how to decorate your home and make it as beautiful and functional as it can be.

My passion for Home and Interior design has evolved so much from what it was when I created this. While it hasn’t been easy, I try my best to be present by inspiring and helping others in their home transformation.

Thanks for joining me! Looking forward to starting this new endeavor filled with lots of ideas and inspiration and hope you stick around to watch MYWELLIHOUSE grow.

Our family

Before you go, stop by and say hello on IG @mywellihousedecor

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